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Angielski od zera do bohatera – 10 webinarów

Possessive Adjectives

A possessive adjective – to use before a noun to show who or what owns it.

Present Simple Questions

Present simple – so basic, so difficult! Even advanced students forget how to ask questions properly. Sign up to improve that!

Present Simple Positive and Negative

The form and use of Present Simple, adverbs of frequency, and examples

Prepositions of Time and Place (at, on, in, to)

Prepositions of time and place make our sentences clear. Let’s learn how to use them correctly.

Adverbs of Frequency

‘Always’ or ‘never’ and other adverbs of frequency as well as their position in a sentence

In a Restaurant

Phrases and vocabulary than can be useful while visiting a restaurant

Asking for and Giving Directions

After this webinar you’ll never be lost again. Check it out!

Talking about Routines

Things we do every day as we talk about routines today with present simple tense.

Basic Articles

When to use “the”, “a” and “an” – examples and exercises

At the airport

Useful phrases while traveling by plane and how to avoid problems